Booster Club

Board Members 2020-2021:

Who we are: A group of supportive parents and fans who donate their time and efforts to support the Knights baseball players and coaches.  Our focus is on raising capital to fund scholarships and other needs to better our program. 

Mailing Address:  10555 Independence Pkwy, Frisco, TX 75035

Executive Board: 

President:  Michael Butler

Vice President :  John Maroney 


2nd Vice President : Jeff Cardile

Treasurer:  Scott Noack

Secretary:  Julie Liscano

Committee Chairpersons: 

Membership:  Michael & Stacia Butler

Media Guide:  Stacia Butler & Jeff Cardile.

Social Media:  Stacia Butler & Julie Liscano

Banners:  John Maroney

Sponsorships:  John Maroney & Jeff Cardile

Fundraising:  Jeff Cardile

Spirit Nights:  Michael Butler

Website:  Stacia Butler

Scholarships:  Michael Butler

Concessions:  Julie Liscano

Special Event Knights:  Vacant

Banquet: Vacant

Next Booster Club Meeting

January 31, 2021 4:30 pm on Zoom

Click Here for Meeting Minutes

2021 Booster Club Members

Tom & Courtney Allen

Harry & Ruth Bakken

Randy & Brandy Bedell

Angela Blythe 

Michael & Stephanie Brittain

Michael & Stacia Butler

Jeff & Genevieve Cardile

John & Natalie Chavez

Cody & Julie Clower

Helen Goorevich

Eric & Diane Green

Isaac & Brandi Falk

Eric Field

Carlos  Gonzales & Adrianna Quintero

Helen Goorevich

Eric & Diane Green

Mark & Keri Herlehy

Jason & Regina Hambrick



Berton & Susan Lee

Joe & Julie Liscano

John & Angela Maroney

Scott & Heidi Noack

Chad & Marann Norris

Ryan & Carey O'Neil

Eric & Renetta Parsley

Ryan & Lyn Price

Chris & Beth Quade

Jake & Tiffany Ryan

M.J. & Danna Shult

Paul & Wendi Sutton

Eric & Monica Talvy

Mike and Camily Teed

Dennis & Chris Thurman

Jim & Mindy Thurman

Brandon & Jessica Webster

Tom & Tricia Woliver